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Handcrafted Wearable Art

Fine Silver . Copper . Wirewrap . Glass

I enjoy creating unique, one of a kind wearable art jewelry pieces or accessories. 


Nature/Wildlife . Portraits . Artistic Manipulations

Capturing the beauty that surrounds us is a complete personal enjoyment.  Sharing this beauty with all of you just enhances that joy.  Click here for photos.

Jewelery Process

Every piece is unique and original.  
Even if I attempted to duplicate a piece, it would not be exact as each piece is individually hand crafted.  

  • Fine silver pieces are handcrafted from silver that is initially soft and pliable.  Once it has been fired in my jeweler's kiln, it is sintered and becomes hardened to 99.9% Fine Silver.
  • Copper pieces are created from copper sheets and hand pounded or formed to create pieces.  Some pieces are created from a copper similar to the Fine Silver description above.
  • Glass Pendants are artistically and strategically placed in a kiln and fused to form beautiful pendants.
  • Glass beads were created with a torch and kiln annealed for strength and durability.
  • Polymer Clay pieces are handcrafted and baked to create unique durable art pieces.